Easily embed banking capabilities into your products

Offer banking, add value

Credit Card

Access a network of banking partners


Instantly create your own virtual and physical cards

An API to create cards
Control expenses, reduce operational burden and create new lines of revenue

Enable IBAN accounts to receive and send money

Open local bank account within minutes create direct debit and transfer/receive money worldwide via SEPA or SWIFT

Enabling businesses to offer banking services

Generate and issue payment cards

100% under your brand

Increase control

Set card preferences using in-depth card controls
Authorization payment flows
Virtual cards can be used for single use

Access a new revenue stream

Get at least 0.5% on top of all transactional volume
Stop losing interchange fee
Increase your monthly recurrent revenue

Personalize your cards

Choose the Mastercard product that suits your business
Create distinctive designs
Make your packaging unique

Open IBAN bank accounts

In the Eurozone or the UK

Receive Money

Customers can pay your invoices with one click
No need for reconciliation
Receive payments in minutes instead of days

Send Money

Payroll is simplified with instant transactions
Take advantage of FX conversion automation
Integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways

ATM withdrawal

Get cash worldwide with 0% variable fee
Receive instant notifications of withdrawals
Establish personalized ATM withdrawal limits

Connect with worldwide accounts

Release PSD2 capabilities

Account aggregation

Access categorised transaction history
Information includes geolocation and merchant ID
Get a webhook whenever there is a new transaction

Payment initiation

Initiate payments without leaving your product
The way to access low-cost payments
Reduce the possibility of misdirected payments

Verify identities

Retrieve the full account holder information
Enhance your KYC procedures
Reduce fraud with data straight from the source
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