Before HUBUC platform...

Setting up banking operations was not only very costly and labor-intensive but also required a wide range of different talents

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Embed banking capabilities was not easy

You could buy existing market products but there are 3 major obstacles to overcome

Upfront costs

The main problem with existing Banking as a Service platforms is the high entrance fee. Are you ready to pay 100.000€ upfront with no visibility on the outcome?

Regulatory burden

Many industries are regulated, if you do not comply, you get fined. But if you do not comply in the financial services industry, you go to jail. Are you willing to take the risk?

9 months of integration

You need more than just an open API. Are you going to invest time and resources on building banking services and payments expertise?

We introduce you the HUBUC way

Our banking platform allows you to broaden your offering with minimal efforts while being fully compliant with regulations

Do not pay for upfront setup costs

Forget to pay up to 100.000€ before start issuing the first cards. Just pay for your monthly usage

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We deal with regulation and risk, not you

We manage all compliance activities for you
(e.g. onboarding process, fraud monitoriing, card support service...)

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Access a suite of whitelabel banking tools

Your banking backend and corporate cards are ready to be used under your brand. No need to allocate your team to integrate or develop the IT stack

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Fast time to market

You have clear visibility of roadmap and distribution plan. Benefit from technical and legal readiness within a few weeks.

Proven solution

Rely on our battle-tested infrastructure, trusted by a diverse range of clients. Our product is being released and used by customers with excellent results.

Launch across Europe

Expand your business internationally by launching in 23 European countries and 2 different currencies. Soon you will be able to launch in other continents.

Access to our ecosystem

Improve your offering with value added services through integration with our premium third-party service providers, e.g. providing PSD2 open banking features.

Let's discover your use case

We can not wait to see what we will build together